Different finishes in areas with a common language, the attention for details and personalization.
Project by architect Giorgio Melesi

Open spaces defined by furniture, with odd openings and secret passages. A perfect symbiosis between furniture, house and people who live in it.
Project by architect Luca Santambrogio

Furniture for the hall, staircase covered in wenge wood, slat maple door, handrail, wooden and glass sliding door, national walnut wood wall-mounted furniture in the living room.
Project by architect Giorgio Melesi

Various essences (national walnut, wenge, cherry, teak) achieve a perfect harmony with glass and steel in this furniture, decorated by precious details as the dovetail groove on the staircase and others details hidden in different corners of the house.
Project by architect Giorgio Melesi

Modern furniture in a liberty villa that dated back to the early XX century. We also take care of the restoration (more information in the “Restoration” section)
Project by Studio Lavorincorso

Wall boiserie in the living room.
Project by Studio Lavorincorso

A staircase with dovetail groove inspired by tree staircase and a rosewood kitchen island are the cornerstone of this flat.
Project by Giorgio Melesi

A coplanar doors wardrobe supported by two national walnut wood spheres and a national walnut wood kitchen are part of the furniture.
Project by Giorgio Melesi