A specialized restorer has always been part of our team. Two restorers are currently working with us, in addition to Giovanni and Mr Luigi. The techniques we use to restore are both structural and decorative: our aim is to achieve the original functionality of the item and complete it with missing parts, consistent with the age it belong to, when needed. We restore furniture and wooden items with the attention, expertise and passion restoration requires. Shown below some restoration we made in the last few years.

Restoration of a chest of drawers, based on photographic documentation of a similar item.

Restoration of wooden items in the Saint Giovanna Beretta Molla sanctuary in Mesero (MI).
Works supervisor: architect Marisa Stradi

Restoration of wooden parts in the liberty villa in Lierna (early XX century): doors, windows, main staircase and service staircase.
Works supervisor: Studio Lavorincorso

Restoration of sacristy in Saint Mary Magdalene and Saint Teresa of Avila Church in Monza. Restoration of wooden items damaged by humidity and furniture cleaning with shellac and wax finishes.
Works supervisor: architect Marisa Stradi

Conservative restoration of all wooden items: benches, confessionals, side doors, carved doors on the altar, furniture on the altar, main door.
Works supervisor: Architect Marisa Stradi