It might happen that the relationship between a designer and a carpenter becomes the inspiration to “play” with our own work. This is what may happen in those situations.

The play house was born from the desire to play with a project and its realization. We didn’t just want to realize the project but also to communicate our desire to play. The play house was built in 2005, on warm summer nights in which a cricket kept me company.
To Emma
Project by architect Giorgio Melesi

The path that lead a simple piece of wood to become an item of furniture.

This is not a real toy, but a challenge, a project I have been working on for four years to build an office in a tower that was once used for electrical connection. We wanted to create a vertical space that can be representative of the designer’s expressive qualities and of the style of our workshop.
Project by architect Giorgio Melesi

Someone asked a friend a question: this is how this object was born.
Project by architect Giorgio Melesi